A Sunset To Myself on Manasota Key


This past holiday season, I have spent a lot of time to myself.

Mostly wandering less explored places in my home state, driving long distances to make up for a public transportation filled 2017, and sitting in nature with only me, myself, and I. Life in the city has changed me into a person I never thought I would be. It's taught me to appreciate the state of Florida - a place I was all too eager to escape from about 4 years ago now. This is a topic of conversation I have with all types of people; you itch to wander off from your roots, no matter where they were planted. 

This is the first time I have ever returned to my own, possessing such a comfortable sense of peace. Distance truly makes the heart grow fonder, and sometimes your heart just speaks up at random moments, catching you off gaurd.


This time, my heart told me that "home" means something different to me now.


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