Ride or Die Foundation

More often than not, it’s really hard to find a full coverage foundation that matches my skin tone. When you’re as pale as I am, and the lightest shade on the scale isn’t a match, you’re a bit limited on options. Additionally, I prefer full coverage foundations due to the redness I consistently deal with. I’ve been using this Too Faced gem for over two years now and I have yet to find something that competes. After experimenting with application by using both a foundation brush and beauty blender, I’ve discovered that the brush works best. Purchasing this will not disappoint, even if you just keep it in your makeup drawer for occasional use. I know I can rely on it for coverage even when in the middle of a break out!

$39, Too Faced Born This Way Liquid Foundation


What Lil Mama Was Rapping About

The 2000’s are back in full force. I’ve never thought of myself as one that could pull off lip gloss. I get mascara in my own bangs and you want me to walk around for an entire day without getting my whole head of hair stuck to my lips? I received this as a birthday present from the sweetest friend, and fellow blogger babe, brendahashtag, and after a couple uses I was completely smitten. Y’all, I don’t just apply this on my lips. This is THE perfect highlight for a full coverage look on a night out, and it takes any flash photography to the next level. Put this on your eyelids and cheekbones for the dewiest of dewy looks.

$14, Glossier Lip Gloss

The Dry Skin Rejuvinator

If you have drier skin and like me, don’t care for gunky, messy masks… this is the product you need to bring your face back to life. With the consistency of a regular moisturizer or lotion, put this on after your shower and wash off after 20 minutes. This is a constant for me and I use it 2-3 times a week.

$22, Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask


Worship Worthy Highlight & Contour Palettes

No need to choose between powder and cream – I’ve got you covered. I started out with the Anastasia Cream Contour Kit and that felt revolutionary to me. I use it daily for precision when contouring my nose, and I apply the translucent highlight to my brow bone. I preserve full use of this palette for night looks and when I’m going heavier to full coverage. Because I usually wear my liquid foundation, I found myself seeking a powder highlight and contour for day to day use. Enter: The Tarteist PRO Glow Highlighter & Contour Palette. I will repurchase this 1000 times over. All of the highlighters are the best I have ever used, and I love that it provides 4 highlights and only 2 contours. Considering I have such fair skin, I don’t need to get too carried away in the “shading” department. It has a great balance with both warm and cool glows, so you’re prepped for any look you desire.

$40, Anastasia Contour Cream Kit
$45, Tarteist Pro Glow Highlighter & Contour Palette

The Drug Store Super Star

When your hair is dry and as prone to frizz as mine is, you’re probably always looking for something to give it some weight. Before I put in this magical serum, I have a classic case of “fuzz head”. And when I say “classic”, I mean “a-term-I-totally-made-up-to-describe-the-extra-fuzzy-condition-of-my-hair”. Instructions say you need to apply this to damp hair after showering, and while I do that, I more often use it on dry hair, sparing my scalp of additional unneeded greasyness, and pull it through my ends.

PRO TIP: this is also awesome to apply on the body if you want some shine that isn’t sticky. Think dry patches on your legs or some highlight on your chest/collar bones.

$8, OGX Coconut Milk Serum



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